"Sleepwalk" out April 1, 2019

As with so many good Italian-American boys of a certain vintage, Santo & Johnny’s “Sleepwalk” has been a favorite of Dreadnaught's since we were all a very young age. A fantastical, dreamy, romantic recording with one of loveliest melodies of mid-century American pop music, the tune stayed atop the Billboard charts for 2 weeks in 1959 and has been a live staple of Dreadnaught's for many years. 

As we finish up work on our wild new concerto for violin, we thought we’d get back to basics for a spell. Santo & Johnny’s single “Sleepwalk” performed by Dreadnaught, out April 1, 2019 on Red Fez.


Rick Habib (drums)
Bob Lord (bass)
Justin Walton (guitar)

Produced by Bob Lord

Recorded, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Jon Wyman

Artwork by Brett Picknell