Daily Records

Well, that one went fast. Stuff I've done and stuff to come:

January 2019 New Releases from PARMA and our labels
We make music - and it really does sound terrific. A big month of releases featuring the London Symphony Orchestra, Stas Namin, Hakan Ali Toker, Jan Jirasek, Tower Duo, and many more.

The (Re)launch of the Zagreb Festival Orchestra
30 years ago, under the leadership of some of the city's very best musicians, the Zagreb Festival Orchestra formed to record a single album of music before war intervened. Now the ZFO is back, operated by PARMA with a handpicked international ensemble and production team. We wrapped our first batch of recording sessions November/December 2018, which included this excellent production by the Kennedy Center and composer Zak Engel: https://www.kennedy-center.org/video/index/A99995.

Have a concerto with Dreadnaught
We're still chargin' hard.