Seven Seven Second Songs

I've been meaning to do this for some time now, and the first June in over a decade at home and *not* on the road gave me a few minutes to spare. For those who enjoy their music brief, odd…

"Sleepwalk" out April 1, 2019

As with so many good Italian-American boys of a certain vintage, Santo & Johnny’s “Sleepwalk” has been a favorite of Dreadnaught's since we were all a very young age. A fantastical, dreamy, romantic recording with one of loveliest melodies of…

Daily Records

Well, that one went fast. Stuff I've done and stuff to come:

January 2019 New Releases from PARMA and our labels
We make music - and it really does sound terrific. A big month of releases featuring the…

Writers On A New England Stage with Dan Brown

Pictures from Writers On A New England Stage with Dan Brown on November 9, 2017 at The Music Hall in Portsmouth NH. Interview by Virginia Prescott, music by Dreadnaught, broadcast on NHPR.

Recording in Croatia, Cuba, and Czech Republic

Fortunately, I love making music, because this was an End-Boss level Fall for my company PARMA. In addition to all the domestic recordings we did in the U.S., including the latest in our MOTO series with our pal/cellist extraordinaire Ovidiu…

It's Alive! Dreadnaught's HARD CHARGIN' out now

It's not normal music, but when really was it ever? Been nearly 2 decades since that was the case, and it appears Dreadnaught's course is set. HARD CHARGIN' is here. To purchase/access physical/digital direct, please visit the Red Fez e-store

Cuba article for the Portsmouth Herald

I contributed an article to the Portsmouth Herald about my recent trip to Cuba to produce recording sessions. Published on April 20, 2017 with photos by Michael Labrie.

"It is a seaside city with a vibrant arts community, a deep…

Press Release: Dreadnaught’s Epic Experimental Prog-Americana 

Publicity Contact: Ron Kadish 
812-339-1195 X 202 

For immediate release 

When you own a company that records and releases contemporary orchestral and chamber music, composes and produces audio for international television commercials, and collaborates with the likes…

New single "Bo-Leg-Ba" out now

"Bo-Leg-Ba," from Dreadnaught's upcoming HARD CHARGIN' album, is streaming now at Bandcamp. Full album will be released in June. Here are the lyrics and credits: 



Released April 23, 2017  

Produced by Dreadnaught…

Dreadnaught's HARD CHARGIN' out in June 2017

Rev your engine and prime the pump - HARD CHARGIN' will be released in June 2017 by Red Fez. Took forever, but it's worth it. I mean, look at that polar bear! Complete track list: 

1) Have A Drink…