"The best kind of sensory overload." PLAYLAND ARCADE out now!

Very happy to announce that my new album PLAYLAND ARCADE is officially out now and available from major digital platforms, including:

Spotify  |  Apple Music  |  Amazon  |  YouTube  |  Bandcamp

Thanks to all my friends and colleagues who helped bring this project to life, including Jon Wyman, Duncan Watt, Jamie Perkins, Edward Fleming, and many more.

Liner notes and track credits can be found at www.boblordmusic.com/playland_arcade.


"The best kind of sensory overload." - Glide Magazine 

"PLAYLAND ARCADE is a fun and exhilarating listen, dynamic and very well put together, brimming with unexpected diversions... It’s slick, skillful and compelling." - The Progressive Aspect 

“Bob is kind of like a musical Picasso... Lord’s vision and execution are masterful.” - Geoff Wilbur Music Blog 

“I love your version of ‘The Backward Swan.’ I listened to the tracks on your album and found them to be very creative and extremely good... I would describe your approach as music for the intellectual, with broad hints of classical and jazz as well as pop and rock. I loved being taken on a musical journey with surprises like you have in the songs as these tracks unfold." - Guitar legend Duane Eddy