Writers On A New England Stage with Dan Brown

Pictures from Writers On A New England Stage with Dan Brown on November 9, 2017 at The Music Hall in Portsmouth NH. Interview by Virginia Prescott, music by Dreadnaught, broadcast on NHPR.

Recording in Croatia, Cuba, and Czech Republic

Fortunately, I love making music, because this was an End-Boss level Fall for my company PARMA. In addition to all the domestic recordings we did in the U.S., including the latest in our MOTO series with our pal/cellist extraordinaire Ovidiu Marinescu, we also…

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Hard Chargin'


New full-length album specifically designed to make you convulse in rolling peals of laughter and enjoyment, or alienate you completely. One or the other.

Dreadnaught is:
Rick Habib (drums, percussion, vocals)
Bob Lord (bass guitars, keyboards, vocals)
Justin Walton (guitars, piano, organ, keyboards, saxophone, vocals)

With guests:
Chris Dow (flute on track 2, 6)
Andy Happel (violin on track 9)
Jonathan Wyman (“solo” on track 7)

And special appearance by:
A veritable shitload of analog effects pedals (all tracks)

Produced by Dreadnaught

All music and lyrics composed and arranged by Dreadnaught, except track 1 (lyrics composed by Dreadnaught, Jay Taylor, and Geoff Logsdon)

All tracks recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jonathan Wyman at The Halo, except track 4 (recorded and mixed by Chris Chase at 1130ft)

Product design and graphics by Brett Picknell
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Have A Drink With Dreadnaught


5-track EP released in 2013. "Imagine Phish after each member of the band downed seven Red Bulls. Or, King Crimson, but more intense. Or, Dream Theater, though with more fusion and jazz. Then, add them all together, hit turbo, and you might come close to the beauty that is Dreadnaught, but probably not."
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